Yellow Candle for Yom HaShoah

As Jews, it is our tradition to honor the memory of deceased family members by lighting a candle on the annual (Yahrzeit) date of their passing.

From 1938 to 1945, six million Jews - men, women and children - were systematically rounded up, transported to concentration camps, beaten, tortured, starved, medically experimented upon, worked to death and ultimately disposed in crematoria. For these people, there is nobody left to honor their memory by lighting a Yahrzeit candle.

The Yellow Candle™ was created in 1981 by Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC) to keep alive the memory of the Six Million who perished in the Shoah. The Candle is modeled after a traditional Jewish memorial Yahrzeit candle that burns for 24 hours during periods of mourning and on the Yahrzeit anniversary of a family member.  The candle's yellow wax serves to remind us of the yellow arm band which Jews were forced to wear during the Nazi regime.

Congregation Etz Chaim is making available yellow candles for a suggested donation of $10 per candle.

The candles will be available for purchase in our office from Feb 28 to April 11 while supplies last.

If you cannot get to the office to pick one up, please let us know and we can arrange to deliver a candle to you (in Monroe Twp only).

Spread the word, candles are available to members and non-members.

Supplies are limited, don’t wait. Call or email the office to reserve a candle. 

Click here to print out suggested readings for candle lighting