Buyer/Katz Lecture Series

The Many Faces of Judaism

Sunday Nov 5 10:45am - 1:30pm

An Exploration of Six Differing Strands of Judaic Practice 

(Rabbinic, Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Humanistic)

To an anti-Semite, a Jew is a Jew. In reality, that is just not so. To be Jewish can have different meanings to different individuals and those differences influence their day to day lives in many ways. Observance (or in some cases, non-observance) of rituals and commandments, relationships with others (Jews and non-Jews), attitudes toward contemporary lifestyles and family values; all are reflexive of specific interpretations of Judaism. None are more right or more wrong than others. They are just different.

On Sunday Nov 5, join us as we offer a program which examines the ways in which various groups of Jews look at and practice Judaism. The information will be provided by a panel of four; Cantor Mary Baron, Rabbi Leslie Bergson, Resident Scholar Ira Herschbein, and Rabbi Ben Levy. Each brings to the table a background of extensive research, impressive life experience, and a healthy respect for the Jewish values which bind us all together.

Session 1 (10:45am) 

History of each branch

Geographic area of development

Reason(s) for each movement's birth

Unique Customs, traditions

Current demographics

Brunch (11:45am)
Session 2 (12:30pm)

Core beliefs - G-d, Divine revelation

Rituals - life cycle events, lineage, conversion, etc

Socio/Political ideology - Zionism, other religions, etc

Modern concerns - LGBT issues, bioethics, euthansia, etc


Please reserve your spot by Oct 24

$14 per adult (students under 18 free)

Send your check (payable to Congregation Etz Chaim) to Harriet Katz, 126-C Lowell Lane, Monroe Twp NJ 08831

You may also email Harriet to reserve your spot and pay at the door (no cash please).