Building Jerusalem

Building Jerusalem “one LEGO at a time”
Wednesday May 2
A Multi-generational Project for all members, their children and grandchildren.

Join our Hebrew School as we build the Old City of Jerusalem out of thousands of Legos. This project is brought to us with the support of the Wander Education Fund.
This is also a Hebrew School Open House day. If you know of families who may be looking for a Hebrew School, please invite them to this special day.
The old city of Jerusalem comes alive on a 20 foot by 20 foot drawing complete with the Walls, the 8 gates to the city, the Kotel, King David’s Tower, the Beit Hamikdosh, and all of the other important landmark elements.
Everyone then sits around the completed model and we take you on a tour of the city so everyone learns about Jerusalem with a whole new vision.